Interactive test – pitchmodels patch

pitchmodels patch

Lately I’ve been working on some analysis/resynthesis of a live signal – have got some interesting results doing some sinusoidal resynthesis and using banks of resonant filters to add movement to captured spectra. I’m still in the development stage of this project – however I did get a chance to hook up a mic and record a short improvisation using the patch… (which you’ll find below). I’ve been increasingly interested in developing interactive tools that rely solely on a live input to generate sounds and structures – and this latest work is a step further in that direction. Much work to do, however I’m pleased to be able to step back from the computer and start using this beast with a sax in hand.


3 thoughts on “Interactive test – pitchmodels patch

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  2. Hello,

    This is very interesting. I have also developed a patch to generate various morphologies from live input (mostly live recorded sounds).

    • Thanks for the comment and thanks for checking out the blog… interested to hear more about your patch…



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