4 buffer phase vocoder

This video is a little demo of a patch I programmed over the last couple of days. I’ve been meaning to build a phase vocoder for a while, and so I did whilst also integrating a few of the automated techniques I’ve been using in other projects.

Here the scrubbing through the 4 buffers is controlled by previously captured iPhone accelerometer movements, and for some tactile control over the synthesis I decided to use the iPhone again – just for fun! It’s a work in progress… this excerpt is fairly glitchy, however for sustained sounds it can sound quite nice also… The sounds have been imported directly into the buffers for processing, however I also have an option for live sampling – which is really where I want to take this.

For control – there are also some random options for controlling these two XY pads in the patch – and I’m working on some ways to use the analysis of an instrumental signal to either directly control processing parameters, or influence some other automated algorithms that are mapped to these controls.

Lots of work yet to be done!!


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