saxophone multiphonics – re-synthesised

Been playing around with my sinusoidal re-synthesis patch of late and made this three minute recording. I was interested to see how saxophone multiphonics would sound re-synthesised and layered on top of one another – and I got some really interesting results. It’s the same system used in this recent post, though I thought I’d use this post to describe the patch in a little more detail:

Pitch Models:

The patch is for the analysis, storage, manipulation and polyphonic output of spectral snapshots (sinusoidal models) taken from an incoming signal. Spectral snapshots are stored dynamically in an indexed data collection in three separate ways: upon a pitch onset; continuously at a user-specified rate in milliseconds or stored continuously for a user-defined duration in milliseconds upon a pitch onset. Output of the sinusoidal models is achieved by referencing a model index within the data collection. Options for output include constrained random output, direct output upon pitch onset, and output by MIDI note number (for remote integration with other software). Once triggered sinusoidal models are sent through both an amplitude scrambler and vocal resonance module, the latter of which holds a variety of vocal formants that can greatly vary the harmonic content of the stored model. Sound output from the patch is in stereo or four channels. This patch makes use of the external objects sinusoids~ and resonators~ written by Freed, Wright and Zbyszynski of the Centre for New Music and Audio Technolgies (CNMAT), University of California, Berkeley.


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