Interactive Improvisation Software

The above recording is a short demonstration of an interactive system that I developed in MaxMSP earlier this year. I designed the system primarily for use between acoustic instruments and computer – however in this example I am using a MIDI keyboard as input to the system. The system analyses the input of the performer and develops algoritmic responses based upon the analysis of the performance data. Below is a moreĀ detailed description of the system in its current state:

Multiple Players is an interactive improvisation system and is an example of an interactive system that uses event-based methods for the analysis of incoming performance data. The computer listens to the performance of the instrumentalist either through direct MIDI input or through pitch and envelope following algorithms, and groups these streams of performance data into musical events such as notes, dynamics, rhythms, articulations, rubato and silences. Three virtual players model the instrumental performance by gathering this performance data into collections of transition probability tables known as Markov chains, and the output of the three players is in the form of MIDI data output to external software sampler instruments. User interface features include: choice of either MIDI or signal input; output destinations; options for routing of performance data; turning on or off player memory loss; output transposition and range for random tempo fluctuations. This patch makes use of the external object sigmund~ written by Miller Puckette and ported to MaxMSP by Puckette, Lippe and Apel.



2 thoughts on “Interactive Improvisation Software

    • Hi there – thanks for your interest. There’s a video demo of Multiple Players here:

      I don’t have the code available for download yet but send me an email to contact | at | bencarey | dot | net and I’ll see what I can do.

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