excerpt – ‘Critical Mass’

Hi there – below is a short excerpt of my work ‘Critical Mass’ – soon to be presented as a part of the 2010 Sydney Fringe Festival, at an event called ‘Sonic Canva’s run by the wonderful people of chronology arts… following the performance I’ll be posting the full 11min version online – so stay tuned!!


‘Critical Mass’ – coming soon

It has been a little while since I last posted on here, so I thought I’d explain what I’ve been up to of late. Over the last week I’ve been putting the final touches on an electroacoustic piece I’ve been working on entitled ‘Critical Mass’. I’m pretty excited as today I finished and bounced down the final version of the eleven minute work – finally!!

Stay tuned as I will be posting a link to an mp3 version of the piece in the coming days – along with a program note and maybe some more detailed information about it.

Until then…