Screencast demos: Phrase Player and Interactive Test

Here are a couple of screencast demos of some of my most recent work:

This is a short demonstration of my phrase player module, with delay times modulated by output amplitude curves.

Coming back to a module I built a while ago is a nice feeling. Sometimes it’s good to take a breather from something to realise its potential. I find I can get bogged down in the detail of what I’m working on fairly quickly – then lose sight of why I was doing it in the first place! I find coming back to it later on makes it much easier to work out where to take it next. Description below…

Phrases are recorded from a live signal, their start and end points determined by a specific silence threshold and indexed as cue points within the recorded soundfiles. In this example the four players choose a phrase to output according to a movement function along the phrase length axis (short to long), and delay times are continuously modulated by the output amplitude curves of the players themselves.

This video demonstrates a few of the modules I’ve been using of late – hooked up together and responding to analysed instrumental input. The saxophone track is a short pre-recorded improvisation that I have been using to test my patches – so in terms of interactivity it’s really a one way street – but it does give a glimpse at what can be possible from the analysis of live input. I’m using the phase vocoder to stretch and manipulate some sounds with high partials (cymbals, piano scrape etc), with its output either continuous or rhythmic – determined by analysed accel/decel curves from the live input. I’m also using my analysis/sinusoidal re-synthesis patch to capture the saxophone spectrum and create a harmonic wash. In this example triggers to record, playback, change envelopes and trigger synthesis are all determined by pitch onsets in the live signal.


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